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Serene Siren, Lola Fae - A Teachable Moment


Serene Siren, Lola Fae - A Teachable Moment. Serene Siren has no idea what to do about her stepdaughter, Lola Fae. Before, Lola used to be so sweet and bubbly, and always had a smile on their cute face. But now Lola is tired and cranky, keeps leaving clothes in messy piles everywhere, and doesn’t show much interest in spending quality time with Serene anymore. Frustrated, Serene confronts Lola about this, but then Lola gets frustrated too, and an argument breaks out. After finally managing to calm herself down, Serene realizes that if her sweet Lola is acting like this, it must be because something is wrong. She gently asks Lola if this is about boys, and Lola says no… boys are dumb....