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Aiden Ashley - Mom Gets Her Softball Practice


Aiden Ashley - Mom Gets Her Softball Practice. Aiden Ashley dresses in workout clothes, including tight shorts and knee high socks and then puts on a baseball jersey. Once she’s satisfied that she’s looking hot, she grabs her bat and heads out to softball practice. On the way out the door, Aiden bumps into her stepson, Joshua Lewis. As if that wasn’t awkward enough, Joshua is wandering around the house in a towel that falls the second Aiden makes contact. Aiden deals with the awkward moment by running out the door. When Aiden comes back, she finds Joshua at the table. She tells him that she’s having trouble with her swing and that his dad says Joshua is good at baseball. When Joshua comes up behind her to help her with her swing, Aiden can’t help but rub her ass against him. She admits that she’s been thinking about his big dick all morning, and now she is going to get what she wants...